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Study Leave

Non-Medical Study Leave

We are committed to supporting the education, training and development needs of its entire staff within the boundaries of available resources. Whilst it is imperative that we continue to train and develop staff we must also ensure that the financial costs of study leave are kept as low as possible in order to maximise Trust resources.

Appraisal is the main opportunity within which to identify education, training and development needs and these are recorded in individual Personal Development Plans. These may also be identified and agreed in regular supervision discussions between manager and staff or at other key points including recruitment, induction and performance discussions.

All staff may apply for study leave whether they are full time, part time, permanent or fixed term. Study leave has been defined as ‘Leave that is granted to enable an individual to undertake an education, training or development activity. This normally requires the individual to be absent from the workplace for a designated period of time’. Study leave must be agreed by the individual’s manager. Three categories of training have been identified within the policy: mandatory and statutory training (MAST) which includes induction programmes; essential training and desirable training.


All staff have a personal and professional responsibility to ensure that they develop themselves in order to deliver a high quality service to patients and the organisation. Staff must be compliant with both core and role specific MAST before any other type of study leave will be considered. Study leave and funding applications should align with the seven principles

  • Principle one – The intended outcome is to treat all staff equally
  • Principle two – The application of these principles should ensure the minimal acceptable expenditure on study leave costs
  • Principle three – Backfill to replace staff on study leave must be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Principle four – Travel and subsistence cannot be met by the Trust unless specified as a component of national guidelines
  • Principle five – Before an application for study leave can be considered staff must be up to date with their mandatory training
  • Principle six – Study leave must be identified through appraisal as a development need in the personal development plan and be directly linked to the achievement of a Trust objective
  • Principle seven – Study leave that is essential to maintain patient safety or regulatory / legislative requirements, or to meet Trust objective, will be approved

Applications must be approved by the line manager and the Divisional Director of Nursing / Department Lead for Education. Consultant applications are agreed by the line manager and Junior Doctor / Dentist applications are agreed by their local manager with their funding approved by the DMDE. Staff are responsible for submitting the correct information to support their application and to enable fees to be paid.


Staff in Agenda for Change bands 1-9  are eligible to access funding from the Non-Medical Education and Training Education Levy (NMET). This is external funding and subject to change each year and we therefore cannot guarantee its availability.

Staff can access the funding (subject to approval from their line manager and Divisional Director of Nursing / Departmental Lead) for courses, conferences and study days.

Funding for Master’s programmes are submitted to a panel on an annual basis – details advertised via eGYou. As a general rule, staff seeking funding for Master’s programmes through the CPPD money will receive 50% of their annual payment up to a ceiling of £3500. This will be subject to review on an annual basis in line with changes to University fees. There is no guarantee of future funding and staff must reapply for funding each year

Please see the link below for the application forms:

Non-Nursing Staff:

Nursing Staff:

Medical and Dental Study Leave

This information is for Doctors in TRAINING. If you are a trust doctor, clinical fellow, LAS or Consultant, please contact your service for information on study leave.

Where to go for Study Leave:

Trainee Doctors: F2s, CMTs, CSTs, ACCSs, ST1-8s, LATs (F1s DO NOT receive a study budget). Must have an NTN and be employed in a training post.Apply for study leave through INTREPID

Trust Doctors: LASs, Clinical Fellows, Consultants.Please contact your service for information on study leave.


Trainees: May apply for up to 30 days per annum (LTFT trainees pro-rata)

Trust Doctors: At the discretion of your manager


Trainees: Maximum of £850 per annum (pro rata & subject to top-slicing)

Trust Doctors: At the services discretion

Top Slicing:

If you are in a commissioned specialty (i.e. where a London trust is a Lead Provider), your budget may be subject to a ‘top slice’. In this instance further information will be provided by your Training Programme Director (TPD)

Your INTREPID login details will be emailed to you once you start in post. If you fail to receive this email, please get in touch.

Useful Names, Numbers and Email Addresses:

  • General Intrepid Support

(For all Specialties excluding Anaesthetics, Dental & Maxillofacial)

Please contact:

0208 725 2237 (EX 2237)


  • Intrepid Support for Anaesthetics

Please contact Ivy Hagan on:

0208 725 0751 (EX 0751)


  • Intrepid Support for Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Please contact Yoni Shivalila on:

0208 725 0041 (EX 0041)

Making an Application for Study Leave

1. Go to:

2. Log onto Intrepid and click on ‘Leave Application’.

3. Fill out the application form. Applications should be made 6 weeks in advance of the course. Retrospective requests may cause delay.

4. Include estimated cost, attach receipts/proof of payment. EXPENSES WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED WITHOUT RECEIPTS.

5. Your application will be automatically sent to the relevant approvers.

6. Applications will be approved by a rota coordinator, educational lead/ the DME and a member of the PGMDE team

7. You will receive an automatically generated email once the application has been approved for payment.

8. Once approved for payment, the PGMDE team will forward details of your expenses to Payroll for processing.

9. Your study leave expenses will be reimbursed via Payroll. Payroll aims to complete the process for the following calendar month.




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